Fire, Smoke, and Combination Dampers
We are fire, smoke and combination damper experts
Barrier Compliance Services has substantial experience with inspecting, testing, and repairing fire dampers, smoke dampers, and fire and smoke combination dampers per code requirements. Dampers are critical elements of passive fire protection systems and require regular maintenance to stay compliant with NFPA standards and IBC codes. 

Dampers are critical elements of a building's passive fire protection system and must be installed according to IBC codes and NFPA 80 standards. Additionally, the NFPA requires that dampers be inspected within one year of installation and every 4 years thereafter in non-inpatient facilities, and every 6 years for inpatient hospitals. 

Having a preventative maintenance plan in place with a partner like Barrier Compliance Services eases the burden of monitoring your facility's dampers and passive fire protection systems, and reduces the risk of unexpected damper repairs due to non-compliance-related issues.

Contact us today to begin planning your preventative fire damper compliance program to ensure compliance and safety within your facilities.

Expert Damper Technicians at Work

We have significant experience with inspecting, testing, and repairing dampers for all of the industries we serve.
Damper technician documenting a failed damper
Damper technician inspecting a combination damper access door
BCS owner inspecting the access door of a fire damper within a facility
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