Fire and Smoke-Rated Doors
Healthcare facility hallway with fire rated doors on both sides
Fire-rated and smoke-rated doors are essential elements of a building's passive fire protection system. Unfortunately, it's common for regular everyday use of a fire door to cause deficiencies like clearance issues due to sagging, tears in the fire door's smoke seal, or cracks, holes, or breaks in the door itself. When fire door deficiencies go unnoticed, they often lead to unplanned repair costs, compliance gaps, or worse during a fire or smoke emergency.

At Barrier Compliance Services, our highly skilled door inspectors have extensive training and experience with inspecting, documenting and repairing fire and smoke-rated doors. Upon completion of your fire doors inspection, we'll provide documentation that indicates which doors need to be repaired or replaced due to deficiencies in the door or frame.

Having a preventative door maintenance plan in place with a partner like Barrier Compliance Services eases the inspection and documentation burden of keeping up with your facility's doors, reduces the risk of unexpected repairs, and saves your facility money year-over-year on compliance-related costs. Contact us today to begin planning your preventative door maintenance program with BCS to ensure compliance and safety within your facilities.

Common Door Deficiencies

We've found through inspection report patterns that the following failures are some of the most common deficiencies, and usually only require simple hardware replacements or repairs.
If our experienced technicians can't repair your fire-rated door, they'll assess and document the required replacements to make the rated fire or smoke door compliant.
Fire-rated door with clearance issues
Clearance issues due to sagging
Fire-rated door with smoke seal damage
Smoke seal damage or improper installation
Fire-rated door that has failed its inspection due to holes and breaks
Holes and/or breaks in the door
Door technician repairing a fire-rated door's panic device
Damage to lock sets or panic devices
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