Ligature Risk Solutions
Complete bathroom remodel completed by BCS for a behavioral health facility
For patient safety, hospitals and especially behavioral health facilities must ensure all ligature and self-harm risks within the facility are identified and reduced as much as possible. A "ligature-risk point" is anything in a person's environment that can be used to attach material to for self-harm. In the healthcare industry, a ligature risk point can be anything from a door handle to an exposed pipe. 

Health Facilities Management states that the vast majority of inpatient suicides between 1999 to 2016, have resulted due to hanging. These inpatient suicides most commonly happened in bathrooms and bedrooms, with the most common ligature points being doors, door handles or hinges, shower safety bars, and ceiling pipes or sink pipes.

Patients considering suicide or self-harm are at a greater risk of harming themselves when there are convenient ligature-risk points in their environment, making identifying ligature risks throughout a facility a critical first step toward protecting at-risk patients and achieving anti-ligature compliance.

When you partner with Barrier Compliance Services for your ligature risk assessment and correction project, we'll start by performing an audit of your facility to identify and list all ligature deficiencies that need correction. Once your facility's deficiencies have been identified, we'll work with you and your teams to identify the best solutions for your repair needs.
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