Photoluminescent Installation
Photoluminescent installation in a facility stairwell
Barrier Compliance Services’ PL egress services range from initial product consultations to installations by our highly skilled technicians. Our PL services are always performed according to IBC or IFC codes, and CMS adopted NFPA standards.

IBC and IFC codes require that buildings that have floors that are located more than 75 feet above the lowest level of a fire department vehicle must have luminous egress path markings in place that outline exit paths. Whether your facility falls under these code requirements or not, photoluminescent (or "PL") egress markers and signage are an excellent choice for outlining exit paths within facilities for several reasons.
Photoluminescent is a energy efficient solution
Energy Efficient
PL markers are designed to charge, illuminate, and recharge without electricity, they simply need access to natural or artificial light. They can be used repeatedly without losing their performance quality and can last decades while requiring little maintenance over years of use.
Photoluminescent is a environmentally friendly solution
Environmentally Friendly
PL egress markers are non-toxic, non-radioactive, and depending on your facility, using PL marking systems could qualify your building for LEED credits.
Photoluminescent provides instant results
Instantaneous Performance & Reliable
PL egress markers are designed to illuminate instantly when light systems fail during a fire or smoke emergency, making them a fast-acting and reliable system for leading people to safety during an emergency.
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