Industries We Serve
Our footprint is nationwide
Our Footprint is Nationwide
Since being founded in 2008, we've expanded our business across the entire United States and service customers in 6 different industries including health care, education, commercial and hospitality, entertainment, industrial, and government. When you invest in your facility's life safety and compliance, knowing it is done right the first time is crucial. We've operated in hundreds of facilities across the U.S. and have performed thousands of assessments, inspections, installations, repairs, remediations, training sessions, and more. Working on your barriers, life safety, and above ceiling spaces is what we do best.

We Service 6 Industries

Healthcare industry
We are a specialty contractor that understands how to operate in the challenging healthcare environment in accordance with NFPA and CMS standards. When we enter a healthcare facility to perform our services, we know that we will be performing under a host of unique factors that are specific to the healthcare industry, including working in active patient surroundings and critical areas while maintaining infectious control, and more.
In environments where dozens, hundreds, or even thousands of students and faculty come together regularly in classrooms, residential buildings, or recreational facilities, fire safety must remain a priority. BCS knows that the education industry takes the safety of its students and staff seriously. We also understand the budget constraints that many school systems face. When you partner with BCS for your fire code compliance needs, we'll work with you to provide your facility with a preventative maintenance program that keeps your facility compliant per NFPA and IFC codes and fits within your budget.
Education industry
Industrial industry
Businesses within the industrial industry require that specific passive fire protection systems be in place and compliant with NFPA, IBC, and IFC codes to keep everyone within these facilities safe. Passive fire protection systems in industrial businesses are put in place to suppress unique hazards that can be found in these demanding environments.
Commercial & Hospitality
Passive fire protection systems are important in commercial and hospitality industries. It's essential that passive fire protection systems within these industries remain compliant through preventative maintenance programs to ensure that in the event of a fire, staff and guests have the opportunity to escape the building or facility without injury.
Commercial and Hospitality industry
Entertainment industry
Any time there is an environment or facility where hundreds or thousands of people gather, passive fire protection systems must be a priority. Businesses in the entertainment industry know they have a duty to keep their staff, volunteers, customers, entertainers, etc. safe in the event of a fire and suppress the risks for fires as much as possible. Our preventative maintenance programs and life safety services assist businesses in the entertainment industry with keeping their facilities safe and compliant according to NFPA, IBC, and IFC codes.
Barrier Compliance Services is licensed to provide fire code compliance and life safety inspection and repair services to government agency facilities across the United States. Our inspection and repair services are always conducted under IFC Section 703 codes and NFPA 80, 101, and 105 standards.
Government industry
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